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Mission & Values


The mission of the GIC is to elucidate the role of genetic variation in human disease by instrumenting the healthcare system to continuously update a widely accessible reference database of highly phenotyped genomic sequences, representative of a broad range of demographics and conditions.



The GIC is committed to:

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Patient-centered research and outcomes.

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Diverse and inclusive representation across our research communities.

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Full representation of member sites. Member institutions are encouraged to take part in the design, selection, and approval of GIC research studies.

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The highest standards of data storage and safety. The GIC ensures that research participants' data is stored safely and securely at the hospital they are affiliated with. 

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Collaboration and encouragement of joint efforts in partnership.  We believe we are stronger together.

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Transparency amongst our multi-institutional community of academic medical centers, researchers, patients, and families about our research activities.


Rachel Honore, Parent

Researchers are now going to look at my community that has been overlooked. We want to see the research breakthroughs that will be achieved. I’m thrilled to be included in this. When you’re included, it makes a world of difference.


Kallie McDaniel, Parent

The GIC will help so many children with genetic disorders get care quicker and allow for doctors and families to have a greater understanding. I’m excited to be a part of something that will change the future of genetics and help so many people.


Scott Fehr, Parent

The GIC is an opportunity to pay it forward for the generations to come, sharing data to help researchers solve difficult medical challenges at unprecedented speed.

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