Information About the Portal



The GIC portal is the first portal that allows end-users to query for genomic data, clinical data, and biospecimen metadata across multiple institutions at this scale. The portal provides a user-friendly window to explore aggregate, de-identified information on a large cohort of prospectively enrolled, broadly consented participants. The portal offers a search bar to query by genotype, electronic health record data (including processed data from textual notes), and biospecimens all within one query. 


Who Can Access the Portal

All researchers and clinicians, who have up to date CITI training and who are employed by a GIC member site, are eligible to access the GIC.

How to Request Access the Portal


If you are a researcher or clinician employed by a GIC member site and you would like to request access to the portal, please attempt to login with your institutional login credentials. The login link will be made available shortly. Please note, you must be on your institutional WiFi network or on your institutional VPN to attempt to login. The system will automatically register your request. Your institution will review your employment and CITI training credentials. Once your credentials are verified, your institution will send you an email to confirm permission to access.

Boston Children's Hospital staff: Connect to the BCH Pulse Secure VPN, sometimes referred to as the "full VPN".

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia staff: Connect to the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center staff: Connect to the CCHMC Secure VPN, also referred to as "Corporate VPN".

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center staff: Connect to

Washington University in St. Louis staff: Connect to

How to Log In to the Portal

Please make sure you are on your institutional network or on your institutional VPN. Click here to log in to the portal.

Additional Help​

If you require further assistance, please contact your institution below:

Boston Children's Hospital>> 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital>>

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia>>

Washington University at St. Louis/St. Louis Children's Hospital>>

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center>>