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Information for Staff


Researchers and Clinicians

Researchers and clinicians, who are employed by member sites, have the ability to request access to the GIC.

The GIC leverages a multi-institutional patient population of diverse backgrounds with unparalleled representation across the spectrum of diseases and demographics. Researchers and clinicians employed by member sites, who have up to date CITI training, have access to the combined research participant population, which is continuously updating and available to query in aggregate view.​

Access to Multi-institutional Broadly Consented Cohorts


The portal is a prep-to-research portal. Investigators can execute genotype, phenotype, biospecimen or combined genotype/phenotype/biospecimen queries, and receive aggregate results in real time. The portal provides a user-friendly window to explore aggregate, de-identified information on a large, multi-institutional cohort of prospectively enrolled, broadly consented participants. For more information on how to access the portal, click here.

Analytic Workspace

The GIC Analytic Workspace is a study portal, where - with proper approvals - patient-level data are readily transferred to a cloud-hosted environment with data science tools (Jupyter Notebooks, R Studio), SMART on FHIR applications and resources, and API access to external data sources (e.g., gnomAD, NHANES).

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