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The GIC is a data-sharing research initiative amongst the leading pediatric hospitals and the leading medical school in the U.S to drive inter-institutional research collaboration and research breakthroughs. The GIC has established the technologies, policies, and procedures to share data through a globally scalable model. As a not-for-profit research initiative, we require additional funding to expand our network.

With Increased Funding:

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Additional sites are able to join and share their data

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Larger reference database for researchers and clinicians to make research breakthroughs and improve clinical care

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Greater opportunity for researchers across academic medical centers to collaborate

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Better outcomes for patients & families, clinicians, researchers, institutions, and the healthcare system

Your Support Will Help:

The Only Data Sharing Initiative Which Links Pediatric Genomic Data and Clinical Data at This Scale

Allowing researchers to access genomic data alongside clinical data means researchers can easily identify factors and interactions across multiple diseases. Understanding what gene or set of genes causes a particular disorder leads to earlier detection, diagnosis, and intervention of a particular ailment. In the future this will allows for personalized courses of treatment.

A Globally Scalable Network

The GIC has established data sharing technologies, policies, and procedures scalable at the global level. To further develop our efforts, we welcome the addition of prospective institutions to join. 

All Diseases and Conditions

The GIC features all diseases and conditions from all consented participants at our hospitals in aggregate view. By incorporating all diseases and conditions, our researchers and clinicians are able to explore the genomic connection, correlation, and causation amongst all diseases and conditions, which will accelerate research breakthroughs.

The Future of Health Care

The future of research lies in collaboration.

Your support can help us accelerate research breakthroughs. We accept donations through grants, commercial partnerships, corporate donations, and individual donations. Contact us to learn more >>

Existing Support:

Grant Support:

The GIC is supported by the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), through cooperative agreement U01TR002623.

Commercial Partner:

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